Hot Springs Spas is the world's premiere selling brand of portable spas and has been a hot tub industry leader since 1977. Hot Springs engineers and designs their spa products for daily use.

Hot Springs Spas designs spa covers specifically for their spas. Hot Springs pioneered the design of rigid, vinyl spa covers. Hot Springs uses only the finest materials. A custom-fit foam core is tapered to allow water runoff. They are constructed using superior marine grade vinyl. Marine grade vinyl exceeds industry standards for UV and chlorine resistance. The polyester thread used in their covers is designed to withstand years of harsh weather as well as exposure to chemicals and intense sunlight. A poly-ply laminate center within the vinyl prevents the core from exposure to chemicals and cold. Vinyl flaps shield the nylon zipper for long-lasting use.

Hot Springs spa covers are strong. Twenty-four internal stress points are reinforced within each cover. Aluminum reinforcement is used to provide maximum strength with minimum weight to support the center of the cover. Four layers of double stitched vinyl are used to add strength and durability to the hinge of the cover. Five layers of reinforcement are used to ensure that the cover handles stand the test of time. Sturdy brackets are built into every Hot Springs spa cover to ensure that a Hot Springs-approved retractable cover system can be installed.

Hot Springs spa covers are safety certified. They use reinforced, adjustable straps to safely secure the cover to the spa. These straps include child resistant safety locks that can be locked with a key. Hot Springs spa covers are UL classified and comply with ASTM safety standards.

Hot Springs spa covers are extremely energy efficient. Their exclusive "shoe" hinge design creates a tight seal to lock in heat. The standard 1.5 and 2 pound foam core used in Hot Springs covers increases the R-factor of the cover and its ability to retain heat.

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