Prestige Spa Covers has been making high quality spa covers since 1992. All Prestige Spa Covers are UL approved and come with a 5 year warranty against water absorption. Prestige Spa Covers are available in any size and in over 1000 patterns so they can be made for any spa. Prestige prides itself on its excellent customer service line which will help the customer choose the cover best suited to their use and tastes.

Prestige spa covers are available in 14 different colors: brown, burgundy, charcoal, hunter green, light gray, navy blue, black, gray, prestige teak, old teak, sand, teal, white and light blue.

Prestige spa covers are available in free form and oversize. They are constructed using marine grade vinyl with energy efficient polystyrene inserts. The inserts are heat sealed with a poly vapor moisture barrier to protect against water absorption. UV inhibitors in both the vinyl and thread prevent premature aging of spa covers.

Prestige spa covers feature rubber-gripped handles and adjustable wind straps. They are double-stitched using a commercial process with polymatic UVR thread for added strength. Underside material is breathable to allow water to dissipate and is also chlorine and bromine resistant. Polystyrene steam-stoppers keep the heat in. A 1.5 to 2 lb. foam upgrade is available.

Prestige spa covers are locked down using four child-proof locking tie-downs. This locking mechanism provides safety and security. Prestige spa covers are rated very highly for their safety.

Prestige's walk-on covers have fiberglass panels adhered to both top and bottom. These models are strong enough to hold the average weight of two adults.

Prestige spa covers require minimal maintenance. They are cleaned using dish detergent and warm water. Spots and stains can be removed using cigarette lighter fluid.

Prestige also offers spa accessories like spa cover lifts and spa pillows.

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